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Sex Therapy, Couples Counseling and Women’s Empowerment Coaching, in English.
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Are you questioning whether your sex life and/or relationship is what you wish it to be? I offer professional counseling and facilitating conversations leading you towards lasting positive changes.

How I can help you

I guide and support my clients on their journey to better sexual health and relationships and strive to make it easier for the lgbtq+ communities to find a trusted counselor to talk to. An important aspect of my work as a counselor and sex educator, is to combat stigma around sexual health by encouraging open and honest conversations.

My desire for gaining a deep understanding of how satisfying sex and good relationships are working, led me to the sex and couples counseling training. If we are able to explore the dynamics of how we relate to, and communicate with one another, we have the chance to change destructive and restricting patterns, and achieve the sex life and relationship that we wish for.

Orgasmic and erectile difficulties, chronic genital pain, loss of intimacy and sex drive, constant fighting etc. are just a few of the many obstacles that my clients experience. The ability to make a difference was the starting point of my career. During our session I strive to get a deeper understanding of how your mind and body works and what it wants, your hopes and wishes for your partnership and sex life. To do so i work with the somatic understanding of our mind and bodies working together as one complex organism, including breathing techniques, assignments, questionnaires, diary keeping, talk therapy and dream interpretations. Ones we both understand the issues you are facing, we will work through them to create lasting, positive changes.

Storgaard Counseling is a compassionate and judgement free space. Whether you are looking for love, going through relationship hardship, recovering from sexual trauma, want to combat shame and addiction, rebuild your self esteem or maybe you simply want better sex? I will help you by facilitating conversations, providing research based psycho-education and exercises to start the process of your healing.

I offer sessions worldwide as online counseling in English or Danish.

Certified. Specialized. Compassionate.


Why book a session with a sex therapist?

How it Works
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A sexual counselor can help you strengthen your relationship by looking at repetitive patterns in your life. They will help you communicate constructively and help you analyze and work through arguments or sexual dysfunctions. A sexual counselor can also help you find the right partner by analyzing your core values in life and love. This will help you know what to look for in a partner and lover.

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Body Specialist

Sexology is the main part of the training of a sexual counselor. They are specialized in your body's functions and responses. They can help you with any sexual dysfunctions like orgasmic difficulties, low libido, vaginal dryness, pain, shame, menstrual cramps etc. To learn about your body's responses, needs and your core values in sex, is crucial for a satisfying sex life.

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Self esteem comes form within, and is most often connected to our sexual and social well being. A sexual counselor will guide you in your work, both physically and mentally, to reconnect with yourself , which often resolve other difficulties you might experience in life. Self esteem can help anxiety, tension and pain, not to mention a stronger partnership, higher libido and more frequent orgasms.

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Someone to talk to

A sexual counselor is someone you can talk to about everything. They are trained in taboos, traumas and the general events of life, and are therefor a person you can talk to about anything without judgement or prejudice. With a deeper understanding of what it means to be a human being, a sexual counselor can be a great talk therapist, when going through a rouge patch in life.

Client testimonials ;


Camilla offered a calm, protected and balanced space for us to open up in order to address our relationship obstacles. Thank you for that and for your helpful suggestions.


Our sessions have already made a difference. To learn to do things for my own pleasure, rather than as an act of service, feels quite empowering and freeing.


Realizing how events in my childhood have shaped my behaviors in adulthood, has been an eye opener and great help to interrupt my unfulfilling relationship patterns.


I just want to say thank you. You have made a difference for me and for my relationship.

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