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About Me

Certified. Specialized. Compasionate.

My name is Camilla Storgaard and I’m a certified counselor in Sexology, practicing Sexual Therapy and Couples Counseling. My latest achievement has been acquiring the certification as a Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner as well. My main focus is helping my clients improve their day-to-day lives, overcome personal difficulties, make positive changes to their relationships, improve their sexual functioning and get their hormonal health balanced. I graduated my training with Joan Ørting from Copenhagen School of Sexology and Couples Counseling in 2020, specializing in the orgasm gap and orgasmic difficulties for individuals with vulvae. My practitioner certification is from the MindBodyFood Institute, where I specialized in the holistic treatment of endometriosis.

While offering non-judgemental and personalized counseling sessions to each person, my approach is based on feminist and queer theory, greater knowledge of the female sexuality, sex and body positivity movements.

I guide and support my clients on their journey to better health and relationships and strive to make it easier for the lgbtq+ communities to find a trusted counselor to talk to. An important aspect of my work as a counselor and sex educator is to combat stigma around sexual health and knowledge by encouraging open and honest conversations about these topics.

Our sexuality is a crucial part of our personalities, and yet it remains a topic difficult for many to speak about. I speak about sex with ease, while helping my clients feel comfortable and develop their own sexual language, whether this is with a partner or one self.

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My desire for gaining a deep understanding of how satisfying sex and good relationships are working, led me to the couples and sex counseling training. If we are able to explore the dynamics of how we relate to and communicate with one another, we have the chance to change destructive and restricting patterns, and achieve the sex life and relationship that we wish for.

Orgasmic and erectile difficulties, chronic genital pain, loss of intimacy and sex drive, constant fighting etc. are just a few of the many obstacles that my clients experience. The ability to make a difference was the starting point of my career. During our session I strive to get a deeper understanding of how your mind and body works and what it wants, your hopes and wishes for your partnership and sex life. To do so i work with the somatic understanding of our mind and bodies working together as one complex organism, including breathing techniques, assignments, questionnaires, diary keeping, talk therapy and dream interpretations. Ones we both understand the issues you are facing, we will work through them to create lasting, positive changes.

I also naturally work with female identifying individuals who wish to gain more awareness in life, tapping into their natural powers rather than fighting them. By improving restrictive patterns and perceived obstacles, you can reach a place of peace and empowerment.

I recently finished my training as a Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner for AFAB* individuals. During this certification I gained the tools to improve the hormone health of my clients through diet, life-style changes and herbal supplements. This can especially benefits clients with low libido, PMS, PMDD, painful or irregular menstruation, endometriosis, PCOS and more. I am also trained to help people get off synthetic hormones like birth control. I can also help you navigate the transition from perimenopause into menopause.

*Assigned female at birth.

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Johanna Friedhelm

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