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Sex Therapy

If you are experiencing any sexual dysfunctions that you might want to consult a specialist about, then I'm offering judgement free sessions to assess your obstacles and look further into how we can improve your sex life.

Sexual dysfunctions can be anything from loss of libido, vaginal dryness, pain during sex (vulvodynia, vaginismus or dyspareunia), erectile dysfunction or a distracted mind. In sex therapy i can help you locate and address the problem, so that you can get your life and sexuality back.

In sex therapy we also work with sexual awakening. Our sexuality grows and develops all through life, and especially after big changes like child birth, marriage, end partnership or other major life changes. We also work towards conscious sex, which is about a greater awareness of oneself and others. Rather than blindly following cultural scripts about what is desirable or what your partner(s) want, you are in touch with your own eroticism and emotions and you express that.

We tend to learn our sexuality as an orientation from mainstream media, movies and porn, but sexuality isn't the same as sexual orientation. In sex therapy you will get to know your own core sexuality, what pleasures you and connects you truly to yourself and your partner/s.

In sex therapy we also work with relationship- and dating patterns. We might dip into childhood dynamics and how they might affect the way to operate in sex and relationships as an adult.

Doing that we will work with your inner child, the attachment style theory as well as the mind-body connection.

Many also experience sexual dysfunctions after sexual trauma, or any trauma actually. We might feel held back from describing our experience as trauma, when in fact trauma is any uncomfortable event which left us feeling helpless.

If any of this have spiked your interest to try out sex therapy, then I welcome you to reach out to me, to schedule your first session.




50 min individual therapy session for 80,00 eur

50 min couples counseling session for 120,00 eur

*Discounted packages when committing to 10 sessions:

10x individual sessions for 750,00 eur

10x couples sessions for 1.100,00 eur

All single sessions may be paid via bank-transfer prior to the session.

All package deals are due to be paid in full after the first session via bank-transfer.

My sessions are private pay. Public health insurance unfortunately do not cover sex and couples therapy. If you are privately insured, then you may ask your insurance company whether they can reimburse your counseling costs.

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