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Holistic Hormone Treatment

Achieve harmonious hormonal health through education, encouragement and support.

Do you feel permanently fatigued and irritable? Do you experience heavy, painful or irregular menstrual bleeding? Do you have a wish to stop using birth control or other hormone replacement drug? Are you experience menopause or peri-menopause and need guidance? Or maybe you got diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD and want to treat it with a holistic approach?

I offer holistic hormone treatment via diet and lifestyle changes, to minimize or eliminate disruptive symptoms, pain and suffering. Our hormones work as the communicators in our bodies, being in charge of every function, and dysfunction, happening.

Common symptoms of hormonal dysfunction are fatigue, acne, irritability, mood swings, hot flashes, inability to concentrate, heavy and/or irregular menstruation, pain etc.

Diet and lifestyle choices are essential for a good hormonal imbalance and can otherwise lead to many chronic conditions and syndromes such as:

IBS / Gut issues





Our hormonal system, also called our endocrine system is a sophisticated network designed to keep you happy and balanced. Our modern life interferes with this balance by introducing stress and toxins into and onto our bodies. Stress and toxins works as endocrine or hormone disruptors, causing imbalance.

Experiencing hormonal imbalance can be painful, scary and frustrating. You can achieve hormonal balance by identifying your disruptors, examining your diet and lifestyle and see how we can apply changes. In certain cases we will look at test results using blood, saliva or urine to gain a more insight of what is happening in your body. I might also suggest holistic natural supplements, mindfulness practices and breath work to help your healing.

In my sessions we will look at the 5 pillars of hormonal health:

- Commitment to healing

- Education

- Food

- Exercise

- Stress management

By committing to your healing and learning all the answers to your whys, why you are experiencing certain symptoms, can be helpful to keep up the changes needed to feel better. We will take each pillar at a time to avoid feelings of overwhelm and respect the time it takes to make changes consistent.




50 min holistic hormone treatment for 100,00 eur.

*Discounted packages when committing to 5 sessions:

5x holistic hormone treatment for 450,00 eur

All single sessions may be paid via bank-transfer prior to the session.

All package deals are due to be paid in full after the first session via bank-transfer.

My sessions are private pay. Public health insurance unfortunately do not cover holistic hormone treatments. If you are privately insured, then you may ask your insurance company whether they can reimburse your some of your costs.

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