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Fetish, Shame & Sexualization

Do you feel sexually turned on by certain items or gestures, which might make you feel shameful, and wondered where it comes from and how to get rid of it?


It is possible to find out by exploring your childhood and first encounters with sexual excitement and shame. Awareness about where these tendencies come from is often key to release them.


If your fetish is getting in the way of daily life and relations, or you simply feel shameful having it, counseling is a good step towards understanding, acceptance and healing.

A fetish can be a joy and a nice element to play with sexually, but when your fetish interferes with your everyday life in a negative way, it's time to address it.


Finding the root of your fetish, shame or sexualization can help you to let go of it in a loving way. Shame is often the fuel behind these feelings and awareness can cause acceptance. Once we accept certain parts of yourselves, they quickly become smaller and less significant in our lives.




50 min individual therapy session for 70,00 eur

*Discounted packages when committing to 10 sessions:

10x individual sessions for 650,00 eur

All single sessions may be paid via bank-transfer prior to the session.

All package deals are due to be paid in full after the first session via bank-transfer.

My sessions are private pay. Public health insurance unfortunately do not cover sex and couples therapy. If you are privately insured, then you may ask your insurance company whether they can reimburse your counseling costs.

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