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Sexual Trauma Therapy

Sexual trauma can be hard to talk about, because it carries a lot of shame and self blame. A withdrawal from your own body and senses is a natural response to trauma, which can also lead to multiply sexual dysfunctions. Others might sexualize the experience to make it more bearable, which can lead to further shame for the survivor. To work with a trauma informed counselor or therapist, is important to gain back your life and sexuality.

We have a tendency to repress the circumstances in life, that brings us pain. When we do so they most often repair as flash backs, night mares, panic attacks and anxieties. It is therefore importance to process these events, so that you can store them as simply memories, that no longer holds the power to hunt you. You might also feel the need to talk about feelings of anger, revenge and justice, and how to go about that.

In trauma informed therapy you will learn to establish safety and control, gain skills to improve daily life, learn to manage sensations, feelings and grounding techniques. Flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks and anxieties. Later you will learn how to manage negative thoughts and beliefs, shame, guilt and self-blame, self-harm, relationships, sexuality and how to set healthy boundaries in the future.




50 min individual therapy session for 70,00 eur

*Discounted packages when committing to 10 sessions:

10x individual sessions for 650,00 eur

All single sessions may be paid via bank-transfer prior to the session.

All package deals are due to be paid in full after the first session via bank-transfer.

My sessions are private pay. Public health insurance unfortunately do not cover sex and couples therapy. If you are privately insured, then you may ask your insurance company whether they can reimburse your counseling costs.

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