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Marriage Counseling

Similar to couples therapy, marriage counseling strengthen your partnership by working through destructive repetitive patterns and get tools to better communication. Some might pick this type of counseling to overcome long standing patterns, where others might want to consult a counselor about insecurities moving towards marriage, or to get started off the right foot and inter married life with a strong tool box.

Marriage counseling is a popular way to address the obstacles you might face with your partner/s. Repetitive fighting, jealousy, infidelity, loss of connection and sexual intimacy, can be among the issues which are easily restored in therapy. Learning techniques on how to listen to each other, rebuild trust and communicate constructively is often key.

Getting help to change your sexual pattern is also beneficial to start fresh.

Habit sex or intimacy issues often become a problem in long term relationships. To understand our bodies changing sexual needs and our minds need for adventure, we can construct a new long lasting sexual relation between you and your partner/s through conscious sex.


The duration for marriage counseling is individual and often depends on the obstacles your are facing and for how long they have been manifesting in your relationship. I usually see 10 sessions fit for lasting change to take shape.

If this sounds interesting to you, then I welcome you to get in contact with me, so that we can plan your first session.




50 min couples counseling session for 100,00 eur

*Discounted packages when committing to 10 sessions:

10x couples sessions for 950 eur

Package deals are due to be paid in full after the first session via bank-transfer.

My sessions are private pay. Public health insurance unfortunately do not cover sex and couples therapy. If you are privately insured, then you may ask your insurance company whether they can reimburse your counseling costs.

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